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"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

- John Wanamaker, US department store merchant (1838 - 1922)

TribarProblem solved. We're helping clients answer this century-old question using our proprietary tools and methodologies.

"I don't know if my current customer and prospect are the same profile, but I can't wait for post analyses."

M&A Market Research Study Response, 2013.

TribarProblem solved. Customer and prospect profiles can be matched in real-time to ensure campaign aligns.

"Our in-campaign research methodologies help you understand the Human side, so the Art & Numbers align with the people, and the bottom-line."

- Kim Medynsky, Principal @ Medynsky & Associates

TribarProblem solved. Conduct in-campaign research so you have relevant insights, and online and offline can be optimized.

Test Your hypothesis in-campaign and see the results in near real-time.

Change View

TribarProblem solved. Don't wait for a regression study to identify opportunities and gaps.

"It's about time we looked at the campaign ROI earlier than a regression study."

- Mike Sarow, CEO at Kapture Audio
Former Associate Brand Mgr at Tide, P&G

TribarProblem solved. We look at online and offline equally so the return on investment is timely and accurate.


TribarOkay, so we're not new, but our approach is new. We're here to help you, your team, and your brand thrive.


We are the link between agencies, marketers, consumers and results.

We started as a consulting company in 2008 to help marketers and agencies gain a deeper understanding of the Human side of their business, and connect the insights to clear actions. Today, we use technology to connect the Human side to actions and real results; we are making it easier for marketers and agency leaders to combine the Art and Science of Marketing, and the Human and Technology dimensions with their business. Some say we are people changing business; we believe that we are helping the marketing profession to address some of the difficult questions that are associated with the industry, and helping CMOs sleep at night.

We are the long awaited, and necessary resource for the People.


Kim Medynsky, MBA

Principal @ M&A

M and A Logo

Here's what we have done in 6 years...

  • Worked with CEOs, CMOs, VP's, Agency Leaders (the movers and shakers).
  • Recruited an amazing team and aligned ourselves with great partners.
  • Created new tools & methodologies to help people understand people.
  • Helped Marketers and Agencies deal with ROI of the entire Ad spending.
  • Conducted studies to understand the human side of marketing.
  • Developed game plans to increase share of mind and markets.
  • Helped to incorporate latest technology into campaigns.
  • Created new ideation series, seminars, and workshops.
  • Spoken at conferences, invited to present at Agencies & Brands.
  • Featured in publications and national media.

(Sorry, it's a long list, there's so much to say.)

The Human Side of Marketing

Resources for Agencies & Marketers

Our research has shown that the human side of marketing is one of the greatest gaps today, and we’re here to help close the gap. We will be sharing our insights and featuring people, books, and tools in order to help busy marketing professionals thrive. Be sure to click on each photo in the library. Come back often, as we will be updating the resource center.

Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik

Mike Sarow

Mike Sarow

Franz Dill

Franz Dill

Kim Medynsky

Kim Medynsky

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Kim Medynsky

Medynsky & Associates

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Where Art Meets Science.

Kim Medynsky, MBA, Principal @ M&A

Kim has a 25-year track record in marketing, from agency side to brand to corporate to teaching; she's been in your shoes and gets it. Today she is helping marketers and agencies gain insights from in-campaign research with direct links to ROI, and connecting the insights to actions.

"In 2008, I started M&A with a vision of People Changing Business - a Consulting firm with a focus on People and Marketing. Six years later, here we are growing and changing with people who share the vision. I would like to extend my gratitude to the people who have been on the journey with me, and welcome our new addition to the team, Franz Dill."

- Kim Medynsky

Featured Quote

"Our in-campaign research methodologies help you to understand the human side, so the art & numbers align with the people and the bottom-line."

Featured Quote

The New Laws of Marketing

"Law of Buyer Moderation: Regression to the mean of purchase behaviour over time; heavier users become lighter, lighter users become heavier buyers, and non-buyers begin to buy the brand."

- Byron Sharp, Director, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, University of South Australia.

M&A Proprietary Consulting Tools

In-Campaign Intelligence.

ROI Optimization.

We believe that research should be conducted in-campaign in order to understand the human side, and we have developed proprietary tools and methodologies to provide unique insights about the prospect, and answer the tough questions about ROI.

Technology over Time

Finally, old school meets modern day. And, there are so many benefits.

M&A uses proprietary tools and methodologies so marketers and agencies can make informed decisions with real-time customer insights, and optimize the campaign spending using our ROI tools. Online and offline tactic performance will be optimized too. M&A will plug-in ChangeView TM for In-Campaign insights about the people and the campaign performance, and we help make sense of the real-time data that we collect.